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What to Expect During an Annual Well Women Exam

There are many factors that influence a woman’s reproductive health. This includes everything from hormone fluctuations to environmental changes. That is why the staff at Florida Woman Care of Jacksonville believe that annual well women exams are an important part of a regular health regimen. They provide area residents with women’s health services and additional comprehensive care options. Here are some of the important reasons to schedule a yearly well-woman exam.

Early Detection

There are illnesses like cervical cancer and STDs that go virtually undetected. During an annual visit, the gynecologist will perform a pelvic exam, ultrasound, pap smear and additional tests to check for cell, menstrual and tissue irregularities. If there are any causes for alarm, early detection during a check-up could save a person’s life.

Preventative Care

Breast and ovarian cancers are two diseases that have links to heredity. If illnesses like this run in the family, the doctor will go over the patient’s medical history and discuss preventative care methods during the exam. They will screen for illnesses and provide lifestyle and diet suggestions to help keep the disease at bay and to improve the overall quality of life. Those that are pregnant can have genetic testing performed to check for markers of hereditary illness. The annual exam is also the appointment where a lady that is at the age to have a mammogram will get her order and schedule that procedure. The results will go back to the doctor.

Answer Questions

The annual exam is a great time to get professional answers to medical questions that have come up during the year but were not urgent. Patients talk to their doctor about everything from depression and losing weight to what type of contraception to use. It’s okay to ask questions. This allows the doctor to formulate a plan that is easy to understand and includes a plan for improved health

To learn more about women's health concerns or services, call today to schedule an appointment. They have two locations to serve their patients. The Memorial Hospital location as well as the Hodges Blvd location. There is an online form to fill out if you prefer to request an appointment that way rather than calling during business hours.